Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook Italian food, surely one of the world’s favourite cuisines and now understood to be one of the healthiest!

Where better than in Italy, or more specifically Tuscany, with the finest, locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Italians have enjoyed ‘local foods’ for generations and still do so, enjoying each season for the riches it brings – creamy asparagus risottos in the Spring, sun-baked peppers, tomatoes, herbs and fresh cheeses in the Summer, fresh truffle, porcini and polenta in the Autumn, chestnuts, cinghale and hearty soups in the Winter and throughout the year countless, different versions of delicious, fresh pasta.

Italy is a country of great diversity, 20 regions from the snow-capped mountains of the North to the sun-drenched plains of Sicily in the South, each with their own food cultures and traditions, but centrally-located Tuscany, is celebrated worldwide for its food culture and traditions and defends them with passion.

La Torre’s ‘Cooking for Two’ UK/Italian trained chef, who has more than 30 years experience teaching food, will share some of this passion with you. During your hands-on, relaxed class you will learn about the ingredients – how to select and use them, the skills and techniques of the Italian kitchen and the traditions behind them, but more importantly have a lot of fun and enjoyment while doing it – we don’t forget you are on holiday!

The course can be arranged for any day that you are here. During the four hour session, which takes place in the main house kitchen – inside the 11th century watchtower, you will cook 5 to 6 dishes – using ingredients that you should be able to get at home. The recipes are chosen so that you can easily recreate the taste of Tuscany – then you really can impress your friends and family! The course can be also arranged around you, healthy eating, typical Italian, vegetarian, pasta etc. and they are suitable for the novice and the more experience cook.

Throughout the course, we will use La Torre’s own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and when possible fresh produce from the La Torre garden will be used.

The cost of the course is €225 and would be just for you or your partner and you, It includes all tuition, recipe sheets, all ingredients and the opportunity to enjoy all the dishes you have prepared. Enough for two meals!!

The course needs to be pre-booked and this can be done when making your cottage reservation or anytime up to a week before your holiday.

"We were so relaxed and had so much fun making the pasta we didn't even realise we were learning. The results - delicious and I know I can do them when I get back home." Liz & Tim, USA. September 2006

"The highlight of our holiday here at La Torre - educational, relaxed and supportive. We learnt so many new dishes and hints about cooking in general." Ian & Shirley, UK. September 2007

"Anyone who has not beat, chopped, cut, diced, minced, rolled, seared and stewed in Sandra's tower has not had a full visit to La Torre, the cooking course was fantastic - really good fun and we learnt lots too!" Barbara & James, USA, April 2008

"The highlight of our holiday here at La Torre as well, the sauces were so good and we are going to really impress our friends with our Tuscan Evening." Ray & Wendie, UK, September 2009

"We LOVED the cooking course, what a fantastic day, we can't wait to go home and try out all the new recipes - we'll have an Italian evening for our friends. Thank you for making it so memorable and hopefully we'll be back for our anniversay :-)! Lisa and Aziz, July 2010

"Our cooking class with Sandra and the delicious dinners that followed were a highlight of our stay." Linda and Jim, May 2011

"We highly recommended the cooking class where Sandra taught us how to prepare true Tuscan meals. After more than 4 hours of dicing and stirring, and kneading, rolling, cutting and hanging the pasta the limoncello was a welcome reward! The meals we enjoyed over the next few days were delicious!" Dave & Mary, Canada, May 2012

"Sandra’s fantastic cooking course added a further dimension to our holiday; she is a fab cook, communicator and fun to be with. The food we cooked lasted us for days. We enjoyed ourselves so much and have many fine memories to take home, they will last a lifetime." Lesley & Trevor, UK, September 2013

If you would like any more information about the course please don’t hesitate to contact us, by email or telephone. See the Contact page for details.