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Getting to Italy - Flights

There are many airlines that fly from the UK to Italy.

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Directions by Car from Rome and Leonardo da Vinci Airport:

Take the GRA, the ring road around Rome, towards Roma/Firenze (Florence). Take the A-1 autostrade north towards Firenze. Journey time should be about 2 hours to motorway exit.

Directions from Pisa Airport:

Take the SGS Highway towards Firenze. Just before the city limits of Firenze, take the A-1 autostrade south towards Rome. Journey time should be about 1 1/2 hours to motorway exit.

From either North or South of the A1 Autostrade:

Exit at the Arezzo exit. You will need to pay a toll. Cash and major credit cards can be used for this transaction.

Final Directions to La Torre

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You are now about 15 kilometres from La Torre and it should take no more than 20 minutes or so. These are our telephone numbers - just in case.
Home: (0039) 0575 964 098
Mob: (0039) 333 187 9115

After the toll booths at the Arezzo exit -

Distance Directions
0 km Turn left at the roundabout - signs for Arezzo.
7.7 km Turn left at traffic lights on to the SS73(E45). Signs for Sansepulcro.
8.7 km Straight across roundabout. Signs to Sansepulcro.
9.6 km Straight across roundabout. Signs to Sansepulcro. At approach to roundabout, keep in left hand lane or you will be forced into a right hand turn. Almost immediately after the roundabout go straight on through a set of traffic lights.
10.3 km Turn left at T-Junction. Signs for Ancona, Forli and Sansepulcro.
12 km Turn left at sign Arezzo 1 and follow a very short slip road to the right TURN RIGHT. Signs for Bagnoro. (You're now about 7 minutes away) Go under a small road bridge and continue on a winding road until you reach -
13.3 km a VERY slow, tight, right turn over a little hump, which is a small bridge, and an almost immediate bearing left. Signs for Saccione, Valtino and il Colle. The road becomes a country lane and winds its way for a short distance to -
13.8 km the end of Bagnoro. (Village name crossed through in red). Carry straight on under small ivy clad arch, passing small vine yards on the left and right until -
14.1 km at the first farmhouse, turn right VERY slowly. Signs to Valtina, Palazzo, Saccione.You will start to climb on a winding single track road through olive groves and chestnut woods until -
14.8 km Signs to Valtina and Palazzo. DO NOT follow signs to Saccione. Go straight on up the hill, passing a large set of house gates on a tight right hand bend, followed by an equally tight left hand bend. As you come over the brow of the hill, you will see La Torre, ahead, slightly above and to the left of you. Continue through the olives until -
15.5 km you see a stone wall on your left. Go VERY VERY slowly, as you will now keep left with the wall, dip down slightly and enter La Torre's Medieval drive.You made it!

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